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A-theorists and B-theorists of time are at ends. Everything seems lost in its presence lasting forever. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. A-theorists believe in the present but think events of the past and future exist on their own. How can I be sure, everything seems so fleeting? If you asked me if it were raining, I’m not sure I couldn’t tell you it wasn’t, even if we were dry. I mean you could have asked me through a screen far away in a place that was wet. How do I know it is not always raining? I’d like to imagine it is, but maybe I would be lying. Does that make me a B-theorist thinking everything happens at once but in its own time? An eternal liar? Maybe that’s why we are “post-truth,” because we can know we are both lying? On the opposite, through the relativity of simultaneity, we could say, “maybe we are ‘post-lying?’” If I’m telling the truth, why shouldn’t I believe you?

Exhibited at the The Holland Project in Reno, Nevada, September 4 – 21, 2018.

Exhibition Publication – PDF

Untitled (Printer Poem) – PDF

Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief Worlds
Video, laptop

Untitled (Printer Poem)
Printer, Printer Paper

Untitled (Rivers)
Photocopies, picture frames

Untitled (Forward)
TV Monitor, DVD

Untitled (Reverse)
TV Monitor, DVD

Wood frame, bed sheet

Wood frame, bed sheet

Untitled (i am dead serious all the time)
Plastic sleeves, graphite on paper

Graphite on drywall

Graphite on drywall

Coke & Pepsi
Coke, Pepsi, Clorox bleach pen on carpet

Untitled (Fire)
Video projection, tree stump

Untitled (Metronome)
Amp, microphone, CD player

Untitled (Diary)
Indian ink on ruled paper

Untitled (12 Ceiling Photographs)
Printer paper, tape

Untitled (Evaporation)
Water, 12 glasses